What Are The Benefits Of Mediation?

Texas requires all couples going through a divorce to attempt mediation before pursuing a trial. Mediation is also helpful to many other legal matters in family law, estate planning and other fields.

Every day, the Roberson Duran Law, PLLC helps clients work together to find compromises to their challenging legal matters. As a skilled mediation law firm in San Antonio, we understand the benefits of mediation firsthand.

Reasons To Try Mediation

  1. You have more control over your case

In a trial, a judge — a total stranger — will issue the final decision about your finances, living situation, children and other important issues. But in mediation, the power is in your hands. You can find common ground to reach an outcome that satisfies you and the other party.

  1. You can keep your issues private

Court records for divorce and other cases are public information. If you do not want the details of your case made public, then use mediation to keep them private. What happens in your mediation sessions stays in your mediation sessions.

  1. It may speed up the process

Litigation can take months — in some cases, years — to conclude. But the length of mediation depends entirely on you and the other party. Usually, you can end your case much faster than you would in court.

  1. You may save money

One of the major benefits of mediation? It almost always costs less than litigating a case. Rather than spending money on legal fees, you can rebuild your life, treat your children or take a much-needed vacation.

Ask How Mediation Can Benefit You

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